Adventures With Morganna
I’ve been in Hoelbrak for far too long.
My stay nearing a week and my mother has grown as tired of me as I had of her in the first day. I respect her like any norn would respect their bearer, but the woman drives me to the point of smashing furniture. She mellowed somewhat with Ida around, but by Raven even that cat can’t keep my mother from her infuriating taunting. I fear she will discover this journal, or chance upon me writing within it, she would never stop teasing. I’ve had more than enough of mother-daughter bonding and I’m ready to set back out on the hunt. The skies are still grey and foreboding, but I can at least make out the slightest rays of light, like a glowing circle in the cloudy haze. I will take my leave at dawn. I considered taking Ida with me as I will miss her, I have enjoyed playing games with her this past week but the hunt is no place for a cat, besides my other animal companions would likely eat her.     
I decided to spend my last night in the hall out at The Growling Unicorn, my mother did not seem surprised. She thinks I spend far too much time drinking with old men when I should be seeking adventure and slaying great beasts to honor Bear. I hate her most when I agree with her. I have been at the mead hall too much recently but they simply serve the best ale (Golden Horn - a sickeningly sweet honey brew with a kick of spice) and I’d do anything to escape my mother’s presence. There were no bards singing on this night, however, and the hall seemed rather empty. Far too quiet and far too few bar fights for my taste so I returned to my mother’s lodging after only a short while. I found the place fortunately absent of my mother. I imagine she’s gone to the Spirit Hall of Bear, praying to the spirits to make her daughter into a true hunter and not some lay about. My fists clench just thinking about it. I think I’ll take my leave without saying goodbye to her. She would likely be in the Spirit Hall for the better part of a day anyway. Besides, if I just leave it will either make her proud that I am not so sentimental or infuriate her that I would behave so rudely. I find both prospects satisfactory. 

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    A young norn, Morganna braves the lands of Tyria in search of adventure and triumphs to ensure her immortality in the songs of the norn. She often travels with not but her animal companions, but she has made several useful allies during her journeys and enjoys having company during her otherwise lonely quest. 

    Awaiting GW2
    This blog is set in the timeline of Guild Wars 2, since this game has yet to be released the updates will be irregular and of fictional adventures designed by me. I'm going to shoot for at least biweekly updates, but expect a much more active blog once the game releases later this year.


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