Adventures With Morganna
It feels good to be back on the hunt.
I decided to go further north into the Taigan Groves, where the animals cared little about grey skies and more about blizzards and snow storms. I hoped that game might be easier to come by but I’m still having difficulty finding any signs of life. I brought my alpine wolf companion, Bernhard, along for the hunt. He is among my most treasured pets and he is unshakably loyal. He has been traveling with me since I was but a young girl and him a lost pup. Bernhard is a skilled tracker in the snowy mountains and his fur keeps me warm when we huddle together to sleep. There would be no sleeping though, as we would hunt until we found something. Anything! There have been no bears, no moa, not even any fellow norn out on the hunt. Bernhard and I have been skulking through the snowy landscape for days with nothing to show for it. We need to kill something to both sate his hunger and my pride. 
Just before dawn I caught site of something moving in the distance. It could have been an animal, an icebrood, or even Jormag himself for all I could tell. What, or whom, it was I did not care as it was the first thing I’d seen since arriving in the grove and I intended to give chase regardless. Sprinting after the figure in an instant, making far more noise than I am proud to admit, I ran forward in its general direction. But I’d lost sight of it, whatever it was and after searching for an hour I finally, angrily, abandoned my pursuit. The sun had risen in the grey haze above, Bernhard and I had not slept in nearly three days, and while it pains me to admit we did stop to rest. Empty handed.

Today we will start off searching this area as thoroughly as possible, maybe I can pick up that thing's trail as there were no winds or snowfall while we slept. This grove has been making a mockery of me and I will not stand for it any longer. There is a lodge not far from here and I swear by Raven that I will kill something before we reach it!

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    A young norn, Morganna braves the lands of Tyria in search of adventure and triumphs to ensure her immortality in the songs of the norn. She often travels with not but her animal companions, but she has made several useful allies during her journeys and enjoys having company during her otherwise lonely quest. 

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    This blog is set in the timeline of Guild Wars 2, since this game has yet to be released the updates will be irregular and of fictional adventures designed by me. I'm going to shoot for at least biweekly updates, but expect a much more active blog once the game releases later this year.


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