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Wow long time no see... my fault. Was super busy summer with summer classes, travel, work, and then some not fun medical stuff. The game head start begins in a few days and I could not be more excited! Now that GW2 is going to be out, expect more regular updates on this blog. Morganna's story will remain mostly original content, however, I will also be launching a more first person blog about a sylvari necromancer whose stories will focus on the GW2 main questline and side quests. I have some fun ideas for Morganna, but this way you can get original content and GW2 lore.  I plan on updating on a more weekly basis in the months to come. There will be more sylvari posts than Morganna posts but expect some of both on a regular basis. 

See you guys in GW2 very soon!

08/27/2012 3:57pm

I hope Morganna's story continues soon, though I suppose you can be forgiven for wanting to actually *play* the game! With the whole world of GW2 opening up & ready to be explored, the possibilities are certainly exciting. I just read the archive of older posts today, and enjoyed the in-character take on adolescent Nornhood. I haven't played a Norn character yet, but it feels like you have done a good job of capturing their spirit. Cheers!


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    A young norn, Morganna braves the lands of Tyria in search of adventure and triumphs to ensure her immortality in the songs of the norn. She often travels with not but her animal companions, but she has made several useful allies during her journeys and enjoys having company during her otherwise lonely quest. 

    Awaiting GW2
    This blog is set in the timeline of Guild Wars 2, since this game has yet to be released the updates will be irregular and of fictional adventures designed by me. I'm going to shoot for at least biweekly updates, but expect a much more active blog once the game releases later this year.


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